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What Our Customers are Saying

September 2023 | Seiffert Group | 1st Year

Just wanted to let you know what a great time our group had. The golf courses were beautiful, greens were tight and fast, the rooms were very sufficient, and the food service was excellent. The organization at the club drop was top notch. The whole trip could not have been better. Very impressed. 

September 2023 | Kawecki/Dyess Group | 23rd Year

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks to you and the staff for another great Kawecki/Dyess Group outing. Even with all the wetness, we were able to get all 4 rounds in. The food was great, we made full use of the accommodations and the staff treated us like royalty. We had a fantastic time. Can't wait to do it again next year if you'll have us!

August 2023 | Fair Ladies Group | 10th Year

We had a fabulous time. The courses were in perfect shape, our rooms were spotless, the food was delicious and the staff was excellent! Sorry we did not get to say hello to you but we look forward to our trip next year! Thank you for everything,

August 2023 | Rorabaugh Group | 5th Year

Another great year in the books! As always the staff was extremely helpful and always there to accommodate all of our groups needs. The food and drinks were awesome for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The golf courses were both in amazing shape and absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t expect any more out of the Penn National staff and premises! Thank you for all you!! See ya next year!!

July 2023 | Marhefka "SandBaggers" Group | 1st Year

Good morning. Our time spent at Penn National this week was an outstanding experience.
The entire group enjoyed both courses and could not come up with a consensus as to which course was preferred over the other. Conditions were excellent. The accommodations were satisfying in all ways. The menus for breakfast and dinner were diverse to allow everyone ample choices. And MOST important was the people who are employees of Penn National. To the person, everyone was professional, courteous, friendly and always had a smile on their face. Their demeanor showed pride in caring out their duties and a genuine interest in the guests. Everyone of them, the gentlemen with the golf bags and carts, the grounds crew and the wait staff were the talk of our group throughout our stay. KUDOS to them all for making our stay extremely one to remember. Our plan is to return in the future.

May 2023 | Hughes/Raven Group | 1st Year

Craig, I cannot say enough good about our time at PN! Your pre-organization with Gloria and me was outstanding and you communicated beautifully, clearly, and frequently. Sara was also very efficient in her care of us. It was so nice that you had the one room in our building available to our group after checkout on our last day so some of the girls could freshen up before their 3-hour ride home. Your Pro Shop people and your golf cart people were all very personable. Everyone was always ready for us and made us feel very welcome. We are all very proud of our personalized PN golf bag name tags! Thank you! Such a nice touch. We couldn't ask for better service all around! Many thanks again, Craig!

June 2023 | Callahan Group | 2nd Year

Craig, just a short note to say thank you for another successful trip. The entire staff couldn"t have been more accommodating or friendly. The entire group was impressed and certainly wants to return next year. As we get closer to determining who can make it, we will surely be back for year 3! Thanks again for everything.

May 2023 | Lattner Group | 6th Year

Just wanted to send you a note to say Thank You for another great trip we had this past weekend! I think this was the best one yet and everything was perfect as it always is. The rooms were great, the food was great, the courses were great and the hospitality was great! We love coming here every year and already looking forward to next year! I think you guys offer the best deal of any golf package out there and the reason we keep coming back every year!!! Always one of the best weekends of the entire year!! As usual, we would like the same time next year. I am hoping for 16 again but it is possible we could end up with 20 as there seemed to be interest from potentially some others but we will see. Thanks again for everything!

May 2023 | Shutta Group | 11th Year

Wanted to thank you and your entire staff for another very enjoyable golf trip. Everything was perfect from A to Z. See you next year.

May 2023 | Sanders Group | 22nd Year

Many years ago I sent you an email raving about you and your staff and comparing your service to the exceptional service we had receive the many times we had gone to Disney. I find myself needing to send a new email. This will be my 22 year coming on a vacation golf package to Penn National. For the last few years I have been coming on a second package with some other friends each year as well
Why 22 years and a second trip? The reason has been and remains you and your staff. The service provided by you and your staff differentiates Penn National. In truth the topic, over 22 years, of moving our annual golf trip to another location has come up. In conversation other courses have been found, but we always come back to coming to Penn National because of you and your staff’s service and ease of working with you. Another truth, I have been the coordinator for all 22 years and now the added trip each year. I have never thought of making a change of venue. Again, because of the ease and your exceptional service. Others in my groups thank me for coordinating these trips. I hate to tell them how easy it actually is.
Myself and my family still go to Disney often. I can say that we have seen a slight decline in their overall service and experience the last few years. Still a great time and enjoyable, but a bit different. Not with you and your staff. Every interaction I have with you I feel like a priority. The truth could be more like oh god not him again. Thank you for all you and your staff do.
Overall the golf package at Penn National is a great experience and value. The courses are exceptional and the staff at the club house are wonderful as is the food service staff. our overall experiences have each and every year been wonderful.
Above you will see my comments related to Craig and his staff. They are your differences makers for Penn National and the overall reason I return each year now twice a year.

April 2023 | Dexter Group | 17th Year

A good time was had by the “White Hats”. Thanks to excellent service of your staff. We are looking forward to next year same week and set up. Cheers

May 2023 | Valentine Group | 4th Year

As usual, our week at Penn National flew by. Once again, our group would like to thank you and your staff (and the weatherman) for a great week. Everyone, from the course, restaurant, room service and front desk staff, went out of their way to make sure we had a great experience. The courses were in excellent condition and the pace of play was perfect. We would definitely like to reserve the same week in 2024!

October 2022 | Ruskanen Group | 1st Year

Thanks again for everything!! All eight of us had a fantastic time!! The courses were in great shape, the staff at the course and in the restaurant were excellent, the fall colors were fantastic, and the weather was beautiful!!
This year was the 8th Fall golf weekend I have ran. Some of the faces have changed, but this year’s group was the best.
We are planning year #9 and the consensus opinion is to go back to Penn National. I will contact you in 2023 to make our plans.

October 2022 | St-Pierre Group | 12th Year

We’re back from the holy ground of golf our beloved Penn National. I certainly noticed and appreciated the improvements made to the rooms and to the menu but once again the staff was outstanding. The cart guys, the maids, the bartenders, the chef and especially our server Amber were all great. We also met our “old friends “ in the pro shop where it is always fun to be greeted almost like a family member. As always the courses were in great shape and all the boys had a great time . Two of us were here for the first time and could not believe how excellent their experience has been. We’ll be back next year.

September 2022 | Mallon Group | 1st Year

I just wanted to thank you for your patience with our group and let you know we had a great experience. Courses were in great shape. The food was exceptional along with our accommodations. And with all that, your staff at the resort couldn’t have been more hospitable.
We will definitely be back !!

August 2022 | Rorabaugh Group | 4th Year 

Just wanted to reach out this morning to say Thank YOU to you and the staff at Penn National.
We had another amazing time! The golf courses were in great condition, the guys at the cart shed were awesome and the restaurant staff was amazing as always. Everyone is so accommodating and helpful the entire time we are there.
Looking forward to next year. Talk to you soon and thanks again!

August 2022 | Filak Group | 10th Year

I'm happy I was able to see you & talk with you in person. The guys really appreciated the two great weather days you scheduled for us.  The guys felt the greens on Founder's on Monday were very challenging due to their slowness. (We attributed that to the previous 24 hours of rain YINZ all had had?) Much more positivity as to putting surfaces on Iron Forge on Tuesday. It was a good way to conclude our stay. Everyone that spoke to me (as in the past) raved about the courses, the package, accommodations, & professionalism of your staff. It was an especially great touch that the cart guys rearranged our bags to the different carts for the Tuesday 4somes (which were different from Mondays).
Once again the dining crew at supper (Amber, Shanna, & Brian) did a terrific serving job (for a sometimes annoying group??) Their positive personal interactions with my guys needs to recognized. Also, Lisa on Tuesday AM helped me facilitate my eating plan once we finished playing on Tuesday.

June 2022 | Fabri Group | 4th Year

As always, we had a wonderful time at Penn National. The entire staff on the course, restaurant, etc was outstanding the entire trip.
Both courses were in awesome shape. I would like to reserve the second week of June again for next year same days starting on June 11th. You do an amazing job with everything!!!

May 2022 | Lambda Links Group | 16th Year

I just wanted to pass along a big Thanks to you and your staff. Everyone was so helpful with all the changes and catering to individual plans. It made being a group leader easy. We had a great golf trip and everyone enjoyed it! For three of our members this was their first trip to Penn National and all three really enjoyed it and said they'd go back. I'll start planning next year's trip earlier!

September 2021 | Shapiro Group | 11th Year

Once again, we had a fabulous trip to Penn National. We were treated like royalty and every single member of the staff were so helpful and friendly. The new member of our group was in awe of the place and made me promise to invite her next year! Thank you for all your help putting this together and letting us delay it twice.

September 2021 | Hettinger Group | 1st Year

I just wanted to thank you from our group for a great weekend. The entire staff working there were so friendly and accommodating. Our group really appreciated the hospitality. I’m sure you will see us again!

September 2021 | Tingle Group | 23rd Year

The Tingle Group would once again like to book the Labor Day Weekend plan for 2022 for 12 couples. Despite all the changes, we had a wonderful weekend this year.
On another note, your staff was extremely helpful on Sunday morning when Mrs. Crouch had a back injury while residing on the second floor. The local EMTs wouldn’t come because it was not considered an emergency, but your staff (maybe you too, I don’t know) came over and got her down the stairs. Above and beyond the call of duty, please extend our thanks to all involved. Thanks, and please let me know about next year, it will mark 25 years since the first Tingle Group outing at Penn National. All the best.

August 2021 | Parker Group | 1st Year

Just wanted to thank you and your team for a perfect weekend. We had an absolute blast. The staff was awesome and helpful, and the golf courses were great!

August 2021 | Fair Ladies Group | 6th Year

Just want to say again how fantastic our time was at Penn National! To all employees a huge thank you! To you, you make planning this trip easy and I thank you. To the gentlemen who went out to the golf course and drove Suzanne Schwartz who was hurt, back to her room, moved her car for her and then unloaded her car for her , we all are so very grateful to him. I did not see him again to properly thank him. And to our wonderful wait staff a huge thank you! To Shanna, I want to thank her very much!! We enjoyed her serving us and will request her for both nights next year. Thanks again to all!! Diane Luff

August 2021 | Filak Group | 9th Year

The guys of Filak Fellows wanted me to express their appreciation for the high quality of treatment they received in their recent overnight at Penn National. We are definitely looking to a return in 2022. I personally appreciate the positive interaction you & I have developed.

May 2021 | Lattner Group | 4th Year

Just wanted to thank you again for setting up a wonderful trip for us. We had a great time, and as usual, you guys all outdid yourselves in your hospitality. Everything was wonderful and we cannot wait to come back again next year!

May 2021 | Carey Group | 11th YR

We are part of the Carey group, who have had an annual trip to Penn National for over a dozen years.
My husband joins me in wanting to give special compliments to the entire staff — who we found to be especially friendly and helpful this year. We’ve always enjoyed our outings at Penn National, but this year we felt that the staff was particularly welcoming and went above and beyond to provide excellent service. Please share our thanks to all.

May 2021 | Raven Group | 17th Year

Just a quick note to thank you and all the staff at PN for a great golf vacation. The guys had a great time. A special thanks to the housekeeping staff who kept our rooms in tip-top shape and the restaurant staff who served very good meals and always with a smile. Much appreciation to you as well as you always make sure things are organized so well for our group. Pls put us down for the same time next year as the guys are already looking forward to returning again.

May 2021 | Lelko Group | Year 4

Our group wanted to say thanks for a great weekend! The staff was wonderful from food to golf! Looking forward to coming again next year maybe for four days three nights. Thanks again!

May 2021 | Pedrick Group | 8th Year

 Hi. Just wanted to reach out to you and your staff. The group has been coming for 8 years. The quality of the courses, cleanliness of the accommodations, and the politeness of the staff was second to none. The ladies in the clubhouse doing breakfast lunch and dinner are EXCEPTIONAL. It is so nice and refreshing to see people who enjoy their job. Now I know why the Pedrick group has been coming to PN for 8 years and will be coming back for years to come. Thanks again!

2021 | Bui Group | Year 1

It was nice meeting you. Thanks for setting up all the accommodations. Our group had a great time. The staff was exceptional. Will definitely come back in the future.

April 2021 | Fenton Package | Year 1

Just want to let you know what a great time we had at Penn National last week. We enjoyed everything, the location , the courses, the food, etc. The whole package is a great value.  I was especially impressed with the wait staff in the restaurant. I have traveled the world for business and pleasure including Japan, Hawaii, France, England, Italy, etc. I have rarely been more impressed. The staff was professional, courteous, always wanted to know if there was anything they could do for us. As one small example , the second morning we were there I asked to see the breakfast menu as I couldn't remember all of it. The waitress said, "Why don't you just tell me what you'd like and we'll make it if possible." How often has anyone said that to you? I also had the pleasure of talking to Chris at dinner one night. It became obvious why the staff treated us as they had. It all starts at the top setting the right expectations, inspecting results and making adjustments when necessary. I'm sure you know how lucky Penn National is to have her.

March 2021 | Hoffman Group | Year 1

I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much again for yet another incredible weekend at Penn National! The stay, the play, the staff, and everything in between blew away expectations. The new guys who joined this time around were amazed at the quality of the lodging, the kindness of the staff, and the flexibility you displayed as we threw this together. While this trip was 16 guys, I wouldn't be surprised if we continue to grow our visits. Every single person (new & old) immediately told me to sign them up for next time. Thank you again for everything, and we will definitely be seeing you again soon!

October 2020 | Valentine Group | Year 1 | Covid Restrictions in effect

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a good time we all had at Penn National last week. The rooms, course and clubhouse were all first class. You, your front desk and restaurant staff, maid service and all the guys at the golf course were all very helpful, pleasant and professional. Very impressive. This was our first visit and it won’t be our last. Thanks.

 October 2020 | Kawecki Group | Year 20 | Covid Restrictions in effect

Our group is incredibly grateful to you and everyone else at Penn National for making our yearly golf outing an absolute success. From the second we got there, we were pampered. All the little touches, like ice in the cooler in the hospitality area, were very much appreciated. We also cannot say enough great things about the folks in the restaurant. Our original plan was to take the dinners to-go, but the folks in the restaurant said that we could space out and eat outside. And they absolutely spoiled us. It was outstanding. I hope that we were as good at being guests as Penn Nat. was at hosting us. Folks are already asking me about our return in 2021.

October 2020 | Mastrangelo Group | Year 6 | Covid Restrictions in effect

Once again, we had a great time with our golf trip. Thank you for all the accommodations and the attention to detail that you and your staff do on the trip. I know this year was a bit different due to Covid, but we didn't notice a difference with the great services you and your staff provide. The trip was great. Hospitality was fantastic, breakfast was great and the golf courses were in great condition. Almost all the guys have committed to next year already. Have a great fall and I look forward to booking our trip for next year in the coming months.

September 2020 | Schmall Group | Year 21 | Covid Restrictions in effect

Thanks, Craig. We had a great time. The weather was perfect, both courses were in great condition, the food was great, and the service was outstanding. Thanks for everything!

 August 2020 | Perennial Links Group | Year 13 | Covid Restrictions in effect

Thanks to everyone at Penn National for making our annual Perennial Links golf outing last week the best ever. It's obvious that you have some very special employees like Craig (packages), Chris and Lexi (food and beverage) to name a few. Our group has golfed many venues across the U.S. and in Scotland and Ireland. Penn National by far provides the best golfing experience. Easy, friendly and relaxed. Nothing is a problem. Thanks!!

July 2020 | Emmons Group | Year 2 |  Covid Restriction in effect

We visited Penn National this past Wed & Thurs and had a great time.  Thank you for all the organization for our trip.  Everything was perfect.  The rooms were very clean and pleasant.  The food was fantastic.  Everyone, no matter where we were or what we were doing were very friendly and helpful.  The wait staff, the check in desk, the Pro Shop and the all the guys working outside at the starter’s desk and golf cart barn were all terrific!  We were even lucky enough to get in 2 full rounds of golf to despite the nasty storm late Wed afternoon.  We were delighted with everything.  You all made our stay the best.  The 4 of us want to come back again this year when it’s not quite as hot.    We’re already talking about some dates. So…..thanks again for helping make our stay such a pleasant one!!!  Can’t say enough good things about Penn National and all the folks who work there! Sue Emmons

June 2020 | DeFilippis Group | Year 1 | Covid Restrictions in effect

Our group was elated. The entire setup was perfect. The food was good and the service was as well. We didn't expect to store bags or have our clubs cleaned so next time we are back that will be an added bonus. The courses were also in great shape - we had a blast. We will certainly be back as it is a 4-hr drive for us from the Jersey Shore. Keep in touch, SEPT-OCT could line up well for us, thanks!

June 2020 | Fabri Group | Year 2 | Covid Restrictions in effect

As always we had a wonderful golf trip. All your staff was so wonderful to deal with. Even with the restrictions everyone couldn’t say enough about the package your courses offer.

June 2020 | Mullen Group | Year 14 | Covid Restrictions in effect

I just wanted to let you know our group had a wonderful time at Penn National this past week.  Even though there were some restrictions with the restaurant and golf carts, the entire staff at Penn National handled them admirably.  The food was great and there was plenty of it.  The restaurant manager and a member of her staff even delivered our dinners to us during a thunderstorm! The groundskeeping staff should be congratulated as both golf courses were in fantastic shape. Finally, I want to thank you for working with us as we dealt with the COVID-19 restrictions.  My group can't wait to return next year. Please book us for June 8 - 11, next year.   I hope you have a great summer and I look forward to being in touch with you as we approach 2021.

Sept 2020 | Costello Group | Year 12 | Responding to the Lattner Facebook post and anticipating their Sept trip...

Your group sounds much like how ours started. We are in year 27 and up to 52 attendees. Our last 12 have been at Penn National and they have been fantastic hosts. We are looking forward to our tournament in September. Best to your group.

May 2020 | Lattner Group | Year 3 | Covid Restrictions in effect

We had our 3rd Annual Golf Trip over Memorial Day Weekend.  We had 16 players and did a full Ryder Cup-type event with 4 rounds.  Everyone had a great time! I want to thank Penn National for the best treatment and hospitality year after year!   This year with the Covid restrictions we had individual carts, no restaurant, etc.  Everyone at Penn National was phenomenal.  The pro shop guys, the cart guys and particularly the restaurant.  They always cater to all our dietary needs but the the whole setup of takeout instead of eating in, it could not have been better.  Our food was ready at the times we requested and presented nicely for us to eat in our group table setup in the parking lot outside the building.  Everyone raved about how good the food was and how much we got.  Thank you so much to Penn National for making our trip every year better and better.  I look forward to this trip every year and really not wait until we can come back to this hidden gem again soon!

October 2019 | The "Antibus" Group | Year 1

Following 46 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I've handled more than my share of complaints. I hope you now find it refreshing to receive very positive feedback! Upon my recent and first experience at Penn National, I found your facility exemplary in all ways! The accommodations, food service, quality golf, value, and many other special touches are recognized and appreciated. This only happens due to the people involved! Though not all-inclusive, I must single out a mere few of your excellent staff: Craig, Chris, Noretta, Amy, Pro David, Evan, the Cart Staff, the Grounds Crew, and DJ Steve. Many interactions with others are also appreciated, and I regret I can't name them singularly.

September 2019 | Hatch Group | Year 1

I want to tell you our experience was fantastic. Your staff was excellent and the food superb. We decided that unless something changes we will be booking again with you next year too.  Thanks for all your work on this.

August 2019 |  Filak Group | Year 7

Home after another two terrific days at Penn National.  Your starter staff and pro shop guys got very positive comments in the way they took care of the guys and handled their requests and questions.  The wait staff that served us at Dinner Monday night were exceptionally efficient and exhumed very positive nonverbal interactions in handling our three tables.  Laney served my table and we all felt she was just a real gem and made an excellent meal experience even better.  The other two ladies who worked that night should also be told how much they were appreciated by the fellows at their tables. I would be remiss if I did not mention that we found the courses excellent.

June 2019 | Shapiro Group | Year 10

Once again, our too short golf getaway at Penn National has come to an end and the 8 of us had another fabulous trip.  The renovated lodge was perfect, the staff superb, the courses awesome, and the welcome for our tenth year extraordinary!  We cannot wait to come back again next year, and I’m going to see if the group is interested in a 4-day trip.  And a special personal thanks to you Craig for making this trip so easy to coordinate.

May 2019 | Dermody Group | Year 1

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for planning such a great trip for us. We had a fantastic time and are already planning to return next year with a larger group.

May 2019 | Bender Group – Year 2

Thanks for having us.  We all had a blast and everything at PN is just so easy because you and your team make it that way.  We are already looking forward to next year.

May 2019 | Taylor Dickenson Group | Year 25

Well, as it was in past years, our Taylor Dickenson group had another enjoyable time at Penn National. The amenities you continue to offer make our stay comfortable and joyful. We can’t say enough about your entire staff. First and foremost is my communicating with you, Craig. I continue to be thankful in how well you deal with all of the scheduling curve-balls I may give you with our group.  Your facility continues to exude warmth and hospitality from check-in time at the inn, to the house-keeping staff, the golf course personnel, Dave and his group of men at the Pro Shop and to Chris and her group of ladies - and, of course, Evan - at the Founders Grille. Everyone we have contact with make us feel welcome and special.

May 2019 | The Raven Group | Year 15

Hi Craig. Just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff at PN for another great golf outing for our group. Everything went to plan and you even arranged for four days of beautiful weather. extend a special thanks to Cheryl, our waitress in the restaurant. She greeted us each night with a smile and made each meal that much more enjoyable. Also, many thanks to the housekeeping staff who kept our rooms in tip top shape all weekend. Please sign us up for the same weekend next year. We may even get back to 16 golfers as several of the new members said they will tell their friends about the good time they had.Enjoy the rest of 2019 and I look forward to returning and seeing you again in 2020!

May 2019 | McErlean Group | Year 1

From all the members of the McErlean group, for letting us stay and play at your beautiful resort. We had a wonderful time despite the weather. The Civil War building was clean and comfortable, the golf courses were first class and the restaurant had excellent food and great service. You and the rest of the front desk gave us excellent service ( and went beyond the call of duty, bandaging my left ankle ).

April 2019 | Bell Group | Year 2

I wanted to thank you and your staff for a most enjoyable trip last week.  The reviews were all very favorable from my guys and we look forward to our return next year.

April 2019 |  Virgil Group | Year 3

I wanted to thank you and all the staff at Penn National for the service and hospitality we received while we were there. Everyone was friendly and accommodating from our check-in, to the restaurant staff, the pro shop, cart attendants, and grounds crew.  It says so much about who the organization is. You and I know of course it’s good business, but these people live the model.  Please extend my thanks to everyone.  They deserve to know how much they were appreciated.  We also noticed many upgrades to the property since we were here last.  Very nice!

April 2019 | Rorabaugh Group | Year 1

Thank you so much for the great time at Penn National this weekend.  Our group had a blast getting together and playing golf!  The accommodations, golf courses and restaurant were awesome.  The staff was fantastic and took care of our every need.  We ended up playing 36 on Saturday since the weather was perfect.  And, Friday turned out good too even with a little rain.  Hoping to get back next year or sooner!

October 2018 | Torok Group | Year 1

I just wanted to let you know that our foursome had a great time at Penn National. The golf, lodgings, food and service was outstanding. It was a bit chilly for our round Wednesday morning but that did not detract from our visit. I’ll be in touch when we decide when to return next year.

October 2018 | Ollendyke Group | Year 1

Thanks so much for the fun, albeit chilly, outing for our group. Your attention to detail was great from listing our group on the clubhouse, to bag tags with our names, to the excellent service in the clubhouse- everything was fantastic! We struggled in the wind on Wednesday on the founders course but had a great round on Iron Forge. We definitely plan on returning since it was well planned and well executed on your part. Thanks again for customizing your golf package to meet our needs and your prompt attention to any changes that we had. The bag/cart guys were fantastic too. Dining options exceeded our expectations and accommodations were great for all our guys. I can't say more than a huge THANK YOU!

August 2018 | Heritage Hunt Couples Group | Year 5

Thank you so much for your part in making our Heritage Hunt golf outing such a great success this year. We heard many great comments regarding the condition of the courses, the remodeled rooms, the new bar, and the food. What makes Penn National so special is the friendliness and willingness to assist by all members of the staff. The bag tags and keeping the clubs overnight is a nice touch that we really appreciate. Thank you again for a super time!

August 2018 | Ferenchko Group | Year 8

We had a great time once again and I get a lot of compliments on how smoothly the trip is run. You definitely have the stay and play package fine-tuned. Hope to see you next year.

August 2018 | Filak Group | Year 6

Thank you for the 5-star operation and your personal efficiency and professionalism. I must give a shout out to some of your employees who made our stay and play a tremendous experience. Restaurant people Kimberly and Evan (great work on the supper and positive interactions with my guys). Lots of good feedback for the quality of the meal, the quality of the menu choices and the presentation by the chef, and waiting by Kimberly and Evan. On the course side was starter Bob and cart girl Elise. Both have really good interpersonal skills. The pro shop staff that I dealt with were extremely efficient and professional. The conversation among the (16) of us was what a great operation and great experience was had by each one. Hopeful that all stay well and we can see you in 2019 for year 7. Thanks also for excellent physical accommodations that made it possible for us to be housed together.

June 2018 | Mullen Group | Year 12

I want to let you know that my group had another great time this week at Penn National. Everything worked like clockwork. I want to thank you and your staff, the pro staff & the dining staff for all that they did to make our trip so enjoyable. Looking forward to next year's trip already!

June 2018 | Reid Group | Year 25

Just wanted to thank you for your nice note and to tell you how great the new TVs are especially watching them from the new beds. Courses in great shape. Also, our sincere appreciation to your entire staff for all they do and have done for us over all these years. Hope you have a great summer season and looking forward to our return in 2019.

May 2018 | Kirschner Group | Year 19

Another great outing considering the weather and how we beat it. The golf crew was great in finding things we left on the course and courses were great. Next year our 20th will be fun. Craig your team was great as always, and the kitchen staff was great.

May 2018 | Harold Group | Year 11

Just wanted to thank all your staff once again for a very memorable weekend. This might have been my most favorite time in the 11 years we’ve been coming out there.

May 2018 | Thomas Group | Year 14

Just a quick note of thanks for another great trip. Everyone at Penn National was phenomenal as usual. The new look in the clubhouse is really nice and inviting. Already looking forward to next year’s trip. I am sure we will be back up to our normal 16 participants. Thanks again, and let everyone know much we appreciate the hospitality.

April 2018 | D&D Golf Assn. | Year 1

Met Craig Sirbaugh earlier this year at the Pittsburgh Golf show where he introduced myself and my companions to Penn National Golf Club. Arranged for one night stay and play for eight of us on April 20th and 21st in which we played both courses, Friday afternoon the Iron Forge Course then Saturday morning the Founders Course. Two very different Course’s from each other which made the golf experience so much better. Our group, the D&D Golf Association has held 43 annual tournaments and consists of many more players who will be surprisingly pleased when we revisit with the entire group. The accommodations are on the premises and are comfortable rooms, clean, spacious, two beds in each, shower with tub and toiletries, small refrigerator in each, and upon arrival chest of ice furnished for our use. Meals included with our package were excellent and satisfying because they weren’t the same for everyone. Each person got to choose what they wanted to eat. Our package included dinner and breakfast. The best attribute to the whole experience is the top notch customer care providers. From check-in to the wait staff, the workers in the pro shop, the starters, the club staff, their primary goal which they openly exhibited was to insure your complete satisfaction. All eight attendees agreed this was the best we have ever experienced on our golf trip.

April 2018 | Allan Group | Year 8

Great time had by all at our annual trip. I want to thank you and the staff at the lodge for your great accommodations. The restaurant and the club house staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. Be sure to give them a shout out of thanks. The crew made a point to thank me for all my efforts, but it was just a phone call and you deserve all the thanks. Thank you Craig Sirbaugh for another great weekend.

April 2018 | Langlois Group | Year 2

Just a short note to again thank you for making arrangements for our group outing this past weekend. The courses were wonderful and challenging, the accommodations were clean and comfortable and the food was tasty and well prepared. Please extend our sincere thanks to the entire staff and management for creating an atmosphere of comfort and service.

April 2018 | Sienko Group | Year 4

I have to say with the threat of bad weather we had seen in all the reports….we had awesome weather. Best we’ve ever remembered on Saturday at Iron Forge. We loved the new look of Founders Grille and stopped in for one of your craft brews between rounds twice. Nice addition!

April 2018 | Rafferty Group | Year 1

Just wanted to say we had a great time, enjoyed the course, and will be back in the future with a bigger group.

April 2018 | Hughes Group | Year 1

On behalf of the whole group we want to thank you for all you did. We had an amazing time. The courses were amazing, rooms were perfect, and the staff was top of the line. We will definitely be repeat customers for golf trips next year and the years after.

April 2018 | Bell Group | Year 1

 Just wanted to thank you and the staff again for a very enjoyable stay. The feedback from my guys has been very positive and I’m confident we will return in the near future.

August 2017 | Filak group | Year 5

Another GREAT experience! Once again it was a very positive experience in working with you We had great service from Cheryl in the resturant. The men in the pro shop, the cart men and the two starters were efficient, professional yet friendly. Our kudos to the course superintendent and grounds crew for great conditions to play on. Particularly noticeable was the grounds crew sensitivity to where golfers were playing shots when they might be in play. Efficient yet almost invisible. With good health, good fortune and hopefully your continued employment we will see you next summer for season 6. If I can be of help in any to help promote your facility please let me know.

July 2017 | Weinreb Couples Group | Year 9

My friends asked me to let you know what a superlative experience we all had at Penn National. The customer service could not have been better. We would like to single out “Chef Mike" who brought out several different yummy appetizers for us to enjoy while we were sipping our libations on the deck and did not charge us for them. I know that the three couples who joined us are already thinking about when they can schedule another visit. Please pass this on to the appropriate folks in charge and thank you all for a memorable time.
PS. The golf courses were immaculate and we were so glad to get to play both of them.

June 2017 | Ingley Group | Year 6

We had a great time this year. You really do cater to the golfers and it truly comes across.

May 2017 | Knoblauch Group | Year 1

I just wanted to say thank you for making all the arrangements for our trip to Penn National. Everything worked out perfect including the weather. Penn National is a beautiful place, and absolutely everyone from the pro shop, restaurant, starters, golf bag attendants, etc., were very friendly, helpful and gracious. We really enjoyed our stay at Penn National. Thank you very much.

April 2017 | Catena Group | Year 8

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff for another wonderful weekend at Penn National for our group. Everything was fantastic and we already miss being there and look forward to next year! I can't express enough gratitude to everyone there on making us feel like we are at home.

May 2016 | Beach Group | Year 2

Love your place and professionalism. We travel quite a bit and your place gets an "A" on my list. You’re organized, play is organized, two very good but different courses, adequate but perfect accommodations, and just right dining facilities. All folks have been a joy to deal with.

September 2016 | Pivik Group | Year 12

On behalf of all my golfing brothers in the Pivik group, please accept our sincere thanks for all that you and your colleagues did to make our stay back in late September an amazing time.  I suspect we are pretty typical of PN’s clientele (a long-standing bunch of friends who don’t get to spend enough time together, or on the golf course).  And while playing a few rounds is the central activity, our annual trip to Fayetteville is something far more important. PN has become an almost spiritual retreat for us.  The beautiful surroundings, the great courses, the comfortable accommodations, and the warmth and hospitality extended by all your folks combine to create a truly special environment.  We look forward to visiting Penn National in much the same way many view holidays…like a homecoming.  We certainly look forward to seeing you again in 2017.   Again, thanks for all you do.

August 2016 | F&B Group | Year 15

We got nothing but absolutely rave reviews from this year’s event.  The weather again, blessed us but so did your staff.  Please tell the grounds crew that all of us were absolutely overwhelmed by the absolutely pristine condition of both courses.  Best conditions I have played on all year. Reserve our weekend for next year.  You can count the F&B in for our 17th year  …15 at Penn National.

October 2015 | Adam Group | Year 2

Just wanted to say thanks for setting everything up and please pass the word on to everyone from check in , Housekeeping, Bag people, Pro shop and last of all the ladies in the restaurant. They were fabulous for putting up with us and having a good time. Thanks again and see you at the golf show and you can mark us down for next year.

September 2015 | Eichelberger Group | Year 1

Everyone at the golf course couldn't have been more friendly, or more accommodating. From the gentlemen at the golf carts, who delivered one of our golfers who was delayed because of a late conference call, to Chris in the restaurant, who took care of us with some lunch before we went back out for the extra nine holes. I can't say enough about your organization. I will definitely recommend Penn National to anyone looking for a great place to golf. Thanks again, and I look forward to our next trip to Penn National.

September 2015 | Twigg Group | Year 6

Just wanted to touch base with you, on how our week went at Penn National. The group had a fun week and the courses were in great shape as usual. Your staff in the pro shop and on the course was gracious in our needs, especially with a 16 player scramble at one time.  Thank You!!

August 2015 | Hazards Group | Year 18

just a quick note to you and the staff at Penn National that the Hazards once again had a great time in or short stay.  As usually the hospitality was outstanding.  Really appreciate what you did to keep the rain away on Tuesday and Wednesday was a perfect day for golf.

August 2015 | Wicky Wacky Group | Year 11

The Wicky Wacky Group just completed our 11th year at Penn National.  We were all very pleased and excited about the way our golf outing went.  The golf courses were in great shape, the food was excellent and the service was great. All in all it was a great year.  Please set us up to return next year, same time, same everything, including the weather!!  You did a great job with that this year.

July 2015 | Rymniak Group | Year 3

We had a great time.  Everyone from the Reception Desk, Restaurant, Starters, Bag Check-In and Course were fantastic.  They could not have been more accommodating and friendly. Thank you.

June 2015 | Damm Group | Year 1

I apologize for the timeliness of this thank you note but I wanted to send you and your staff a thank you for setting up a wonderful event for us.  I heard a number of my friends express a desire for another trip your way.  Thank you again.

June 2015 | Goldstein Group | Year 6

Another successful trip!  Thanks again for accommodating our ever-changing group.  We had a great experience and the weather even cooperated.  Pass along my thanks to the Pro Shop, starters, wait staff, cooks and maids - all worked out well.

June 2015 | Borleis Group | Year 10

We thoroughlyenjoyed our outing at Penn National this week.  The course conditions were excellent, and the weather cooperated until late Monday afternoon.  The staff was friendly and helpful, as usual. Everything was up to your normal high standards: clean, comfortable accommodations, good food and excellent service all around.  Thank you very much.  We were talking about the being my tenth year coordinating the group.  I formed the current group and set us up for playing in June.  But a few of us go back to other earlier groups.  Anyway, it says a lot about how consistently you and the Penn National staff have provided an enjoyable experience.  We keep coming back.  We look forward to returning next June.  Thanks again.

June 2015 | Taylor Dickenson Group of 16 | Year 21

We have just finished our 21st year at Penn National! As usual, the golf, food & accommodations were great. Craig, you and your office staff are so well organized that no one in our group has ever had a negative issue. Also, as we arrive at the Inn to check in, the same staff is friendly, joyful, welcoming and helpful. We are always greeted with warm smiles. Our group of sixteen has been very pleased with all the accommodations at Penn National. Your housekeeping staff is efficient and provides a comfortable stay. We absolutely love the two golf courses. The Superintendent and grounds staff does a fabulous job in keeping these courses in prime condition. Dave and his staff at the Pro Shop have always been friendly and courteous. The restaurant staff does a phenomenal job in providing good food, good service in a welcoming, friendly and joyful environment. You make it very easy for the event planner to pass along crystal clear information for the golf package. Kudos to all.  I have a personal story to tell--I lost an Ashworth pullover fleece w/ Penn National logo that I bought years ago when Barb used to work there. I had everyone searching for it at the inn and on the course.  Finally, Ray found it in lost & found and shipped it to me and would not accept any shipping cost from me.  Another HUGE thank you as it is my favorite golfing fleece and it has been with me a long time.

Oct 2014 | Therrien Group of 2 | Year 1

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for the great time at Penn National!! The staff was very kind! Big thanks to the cooks who made me delicious gluten free meals! My friend and I are working in the golf business (Golftown) and we will spread the word for the beautiful and cheap site that you have guys we will probably be back next year with a much bigger group!

Sept 2014 | Berman Group of 12 | Year 14

As usual our golf trip to penn national was great.  (afterward, when i spoke to my brother he asked how the weekend was.  i said that we know before we leave for it that it's going to be great; it's just a matter of how it is going to be great.) the courses were, as always, in top shape and so much fun to play.  your staff, from those in charge of the accommodations to the restaurant staff to guys taking care of the courses and those taking care of us on the courses, were very friendly and so helpful and even enthusiastic. 

Sept 2014 | Zeiders Group of 33 | Year 12

I wanted to thank you and your staff for another excellent trip to Penn National. It was an awesome weekend and everyone had a great time. Everyone on your staff and the entire place makes you feel welcome and at home. Great Job!!!!! I would like to book again for next year. 

August 2014 | Monahan Group of 12 | Year 3

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help setting up our trip. Once again, everything was perfect and all of us had a great time. Both courses were in great shape and the weather couldn't have been better. Please pass on my thanks to all of the staff there at Penn National, we will see you next year. 

August 2014 | Heritage Hunt Group of 36 | Year 1

On behalf of the Heritage Hunt group, we wanted to thank you so much for making our trip last week such a huge success!  Everyone loved the golf courses and they were in fantastic shape.  Chris did an outstanding job with food services, the meals were great.  What impressed everyone the most was the friendly atmosphere and the staff's desire to make our stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.  Our stay could not have gone any better.  The entire group commented that they would love to return in the future.  Pleasing so many active adults is no easy task :).  Thank you again for all of your efforts and we look forward to our return to Penn National.

August 2014 | Hazards Group of 20 | Year 17

As usual the group had an outstanding time at Penn National even with the rain on Tuesday.  Contrary to what I told you when we first arrived we all elected to eat dinner Monday night at the Inn and it was great as was Tuesday nights meal.  As usual all of the staff provided excellent service even to the point of bring me the sweater I had left in the room out to me on the course.  Take care and will be seeing you next year.  

July 2014 | Shapiro Group of 6 | Year 5

I’ve been remiss in not writing to tell you how much we enjoyed our fifth annual outing to Penn National.  We had three newbies in the group this year and they have already put their names on next year’s list.  The courses were in beautiful shape, the food was wonderful, and most important, every member of the staff was as nice and helpful as could be.  We can’t wait to come back!!

July 2014 | Leary Group of 12 | Year 2

Thank you once again for a special experience. The weather couldn't have been nicer and the golf courses were in pristine condition. Special thanks to your restaurant staff who did a superb job of making our outing something to remember. We'll try not to wait too long before we return to Penn National.

July 2014 | Grasser Group of 11 | Year 12

Thanks for a great trip. The course was in the best shape we have seen. The cook Mike was great and Chris and her staff in the dining room were awesome. Thanks for the best trip in 12 years!

June 2014 | Skrapits Group of 9 | Year 1

Just wanted to let you know that our group loved your resort and definitely plan on coming back.  The whole staff was very courteous and the resort kind of had that southern hospitality feeling.  Thanks again for everything.

June 2014 | Bertram Group of 4 | Year 4

Appreciate the very quick mailing of the charger for my I-pad. This is another reason why the Bertram group continues to use Penn National as our local golf getaway. Obviously the professionalism and courtesy shown by everyone factors into our reasoning as well. The condition of the course, room accommodations, great food, housekeeping, etc. all contribute to a very well run institution that begs groups to return time and again. Thanks for taking the time to locate and mail the charger. Looking forward to our return next year!

June 2014 | Minotti Group of 7 | Year 12

Back from a great week of golf. Our surprise was the extra service we received at out initial dinner, what a treat. Food is much improved, even the breakfast was much better. The service was outstanding, as usual, we never had had bad service, including the starters, pro's and bag guys, all great. It goes to show that a business who listens to patrons and makes some changes were necessary, is a business that will endure and prosper.

May 2014 | Raven Group of 16 | Year 10

On behalf of the Raven Group I wanted to extend my thanks to everyone at Penn Nat'l for making this year another great one for our group.   A special thanks to the grounds crew for finally cutting the rough on the Founders course.  It made play much more enjoyable as well as improving the pace of play by not having to look for lost balls one foot off the fairway.   Maybe next year they can do the same across the street at Iron Forge -LOL.  Also, pls thank the house keeping folks.  Its always a pleasure to return to your room after a day out and find it so neat and clean.

May 2014 | Cannata Group of 16 (8 couples) | Year 8

Just a thank you for your entire staff from Admin, Pro Shop to Restaurant service; everything was fantastic and everyone in my group was again amazed how efficient all phases are coordinated . We also dodged a bullet with the rain, our last group just finished as it began to rain, so we did get in both rounds. Look forward to next year.

May 2014 | Zande Group of 11 | Year 9

Just a short note to tell you ALL what a wonderful time we had on our 9th trip to Penn National. Every year we have enjoyed your hospitality and the hard work, by the Office Staff, Pro Shop, Cart Helpers, Wait Staff, and the Cleaning Staff. This year we had a major problem with heavy rain and traffic delays on #Rt.81, due to a very serious accident. This occurrence prevented our group from arriving on time for our T-times. The Pro Shop worked us all in as we arrived, wait staff adjusted our dinner schedule so we all had our dinner together and a very gloomy day had some sunshine in it. Our group varies between 12 and 16 players and we do not even vote anymore as to where to go next year it is unanimous for Penn National. This year, as you know, I did a very foolish thing that could have ruined our trip, BUT your cleaning staff showed the Honesty that is so much a part of ALL at Penn National. Thank You Again. ( I hope I didn’t forget anyone )

May 2014 | Zimmerman Group | Year 30

Our group has been playing golf on the first Friday in May for the last 30 years and most of our outings have been to Penn National because the courses are beautiful and most importantly the staff is friendly and accommodating. The staff, from the bag drop, pro shop, starter and rangers, always makes our group feel welcome and our day fun. Penn National remains our top choice to play. Keep up the great work.
Until next year.

April 2014 – McDonnel Group of 8 from Canada, Year 3

Just want to thank you for another wonderful visit to Penn.  The golf courses were in good shape, greens were still difficult to read, the food was excellent and so was the service.  I was impressed that you even arranged for some great weather for us! Thanks again and hopefully we’ll be back your way again soon. The McDonell group

September 2013 – Goldsby Group of 4, Year 6

A little note to say thanks for a wonderful time this past weekend. As usual, the fare (I had the Chicken Special) in the Founders Grill was fantastic on Saturday night and the service was outstanding.  Needless to say that both golf courses were in the top notch condition and the greens were perfect! Your staff treated us like gold and is very friendly and accommodating. Thanks again!! We look forward to another visit soon.                       

September 2013 – Best Group of 8, Year 1

On behalf of our group of ladies, I wanted you and the entire staff at Penn National to know how wonderful our stay with you was. Everyone was so accommodating, the rooms were perfect, meals were delicious and we all loved the courses. We were so pleased to be able to play 2 courses that were in pristine condition. We are already talking about a return trip next season. Thank you and the staff for all your help in making this a freat getaway for the ladies from Bucknell.

May 2013 – Raven Group of 16, Year 9

Once again our group had a fantastic time at PN this past weekend.  Please pass along our compliments and thanks to all the staff at PN for making our stay so enjoyable.  In particular please thank the housekeeping staff for how well they made up our rooms each day,  the meals this year were the best we ever had so special thanks to the chefs, and as always thanks to the waitresses for their friendly smiles and great service!   I know these things don't happen by them selves so thanks also to all the managers (including yourself) who make sure their departments each perform so well.

October 2013 Loman Group of 31, Year 8

Craig: In the rush to get my "brood" off the course and back home before the DC traffic became an issue, I totally neglected to stop by your office and thank you and all your staff for once again providing us with a great golf outing. As usual, compliments flowed and the desire to return for a ninth consecutive year was unanimous. While I'm at it, give Darin Peart and staff a big "Thank You" for a super hosting job and two golf courses that were spectacular and immaculate. Whoever was responsible for the weather deserves kudos too! Again, thanks. Penn National remains #1 on our list of golf resort dynamos. Can't wait to return.June 2013

Staub Group of 28 Year 1

Craig: I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I've been running this tournament for 10 years or so.  The entire experience from the guys a the pro-shop, the cart guys, the front desk at the inn, and the ladies at the restaurant was the best overall golf experience this group has ever had.  Everyone was accommodating. And the courses were in great shape and drained well following the rain. As a business partner and owner I couldn't have been more impressed. We will be back for sure.

April 2013. Virgil Group of 4, Year 1

I couldn't believe how flexible all of you at PN were for us! I wanted to personally thank you for your help in making our golf trip enjoyable. The courses were in great shape and we had a great time.  My friend and brother-in-laws had a great time at Penn National.  Everyone we met at the facilities were very nice and very accommodating.  You helped me out several times meeting their needs.  I couldn't believe how flexible all of you at PN were for us.  Unbelievable!

October 2012. Vanleuvan Group of 8, Year 17

"I have also had the opportunIty to play golf as I have traveled around the country and...the hospitallity afforded to the visitors of Penn NatIonal is always the standard that I use in comparison". My group has been making a trip to your area for 17 years and we have played Penn National many times as a 36 hole day trip.  Last year we stayed on site and the experience we had ranks in the top 3 of all of our trips.  The staff at Penn NatIonal did an excellent job throughout our visit.  I have also had the opportunity to play golf as I have traveled around the country and the carribbean and can tell you that the hospItallIty afforded to the visitors of Penn NatIonal is always the standard that I use in comparison.  Thank you again for your correspondence and honesty regardIng aeraition as we have not received that from other courses that we have played on our trips.

September 2012. Cutler Group of 4. Year 1

Our 25th golf outing with my high school friends this past weekend was a huge success.  Our experience at Penn National was an A plus.  All the staff could not have been nicer.  The two golf courses were awesome.  You have an amazingly run operation, and we cannot wait to come back. Please thank all the staff on our behalf, and keep up the great work!  September 2012. Murphy Group 12 Guys, Year 15

Craig: Thanks for another great golf trip. The courses were in good condition, especially the Iron Forge. The restaurant  staff was very accommodating and the food was outstanding. No one in our group had any complaints about the food.  The breakfast menu had some slight changes and they were  all positive. See you next yr.

September 2012. MacKay Group 16 Ladies, Year 6

Craig: Just wanted you to know what a great time all six of us had for four days. Of course the accommodations were excellent.  We enjoyed our get together prior to going for dinner and were glad to be on the second level and not bother anyone else. The dinners were also excellent.  The new chef definitely outdid himself.  We had the specials all three nights and they were marvelous.  After prime rib, filet with lobster we could not imagine what would be the special the next night, but were all raving over the penne pasta and crab and lobster.  It was excellent.  And needless to say we always enjoy the full breakfast served. We have booked the same week for next year because we enjoyed that it was not too crowded and we felt we had the courses all to ourselves.  Even in the afternoon we were able to move right along without any hold up. Thanks again for a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you next year!

July 2012. Stakenburg Group of 8 guys (5th year)

Craig: Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our weekend at Penn National. The 2 courses were in great shape, the staff was courteous/helpful/pleasant. We are looking forward to our return trip June 7th to 10th 2013. Let me know when we need to send our deposit. Our hats off to all your staff. Thanks from me and the other 7 hackers.

June 2012. Fritz Group of 5. Year 1

Craig:  Just wanted to say Thank You for a memorable stay @ Penn National.  Actually Monday was wonderful with the pace as I was able to really enjoy myself.  I would also like to say thank you to the wait staff and the Chef we really enjoyed the meals.  Thanks again, we will be back.

June 2012. Laughlin Group of 4. Year 1 (2 couples)

Hi Craig:  We stayed at the inn this weekend with our friends.  What a great time we had and the staff is sooooo friendly.  The meals were excellent.  Thank you so much for your hospitality.

May 2012. VanLeuvan Group of 4, Year 1 (have visited & played but not stayed in prior years)

Craig: Just wanted to let you know that my group of four had a wonderful stay at Penn National. Although we have played 36 holes there 5 or 6 times and have eaten dinner in the clubhouse afterwords, staying on site was even better that we expected. The golf staff, dinning staff, and course staff treated us with exceptional hospitality and went beyond. We are already planning for next year and have 7 ready to go. Thanks again and will be in contact with some questions about next year once the date is set.

April 2012. Catena Group of 19, Year 3

Craig: I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and ALL of your staff at Penn National for another amazing experience.  We are continually amazed at how accomodating everyone is there and that we don't have to worry about anything but golf and a good time.
We are all already talking about next year and hope to have a bigger and better crew!!!

April 2012. Purtell Group of 8, Year 9

Craig: We had a wonderful time again at Penn national this year. The weather was perfect and the staff was great. All of them were courteous and friendly. It is hard to believe that every year you have the greatest staff. We are looking forward to our trip next year. Thank you for everything.

April 2012. Shutta Group of 4, Year 2

Craig: Good morning. I just wanted to take the time to thank you, and the entire staff at Penn National, for a completely wonderful and relaxing weekend. If anyone does a better job of accommodating their guests, I in over 30 years of travel have not come across them yet. Will see you many more times. Thank You

October 2011. Breton Bay Ladies Group of 8, Year 1

Craig:   Our ladies group from Breton Bay had a terrific trip.  The golf courses were amazing, especially the older course, beautiful as well as challenging.  Some of our world travelers said it was the prettiest course they had ever played.  The weather finally improved for us on Sunday.  It was so nice  being on site with the accommodations and the restaurant was very good.  It was fun brining our own beverages as well. Just wanted to commend your staff on a job well done because they were friendly and professional.  This one is a keeper!

October 2011. Berdosh Group of 8, Year 2 for a Fall trip; Yr 17 for his Maple Shade group that comes in May

Just wanted to write you and thank you for another great weekend at Penn National.  We had some people with us that have never been there before.  They really liked courses but they also spoke highly of everything that Penn National offers.  Some of them will be coming out with the Maple Shade group in May, and others have expressed interest in an annual Fall trip as well, which I am only more than happy to set up. Thank you again for your help in setting everything up.  Look forward to seeing everyone in May.

October 2011. Tweedmyer Group of 20, Year 11

We had a fantastic time last weekend, as we lucked into absolutely perfect weather.  As usual, the wait staff, pro shop, inn, starter's area personnel, marshalls etc. were all very friendly and helpful. We all liked the shotgun start on Friday, which gave us plenty of daylight to finish 36 holes. We had several new participants this year (including 2 from Jax, FL) and they commented they have never been on a golf trip were all the arrangements were so simple. Mark us down for next year when your calendar opens up. 

September 2011. Kearney group of 6, Year 1

I just wanted to thank you for setting everything up and dealing with the multiple changes to our group's requirements! Everyone in the group commented on what a great deal it was; from the two course, facilities to the food - no complaints. The staff was over the top friendly, helpful and courteous. We will definitely be back (probably sooner than later).       

August 2011. Harford Hackers group of 27, Year 1--now pre-booked for Yr 2

My club (Harford Hackers) stayed and played there this past weekend and had a great time. The facilities, golf courses and food was excellent. The staff was very friendly and supportive. Please extend our appreciation to all involved in making our trip a success.

August 2011.  UPS Tournament for the Benefit of the United Way

THANK YOU for the courtesy, professionalism, and the overall drive to help our outing be a huge success. The quality of your establishment and the compassion of all employees involved in making our tournament run smooth is unsurpassed by any other Golf Club in south central Pa. With your help, we were able to donate $3690.00 to the United Way of Franklin County. So please take the time in joining us in knowing that we very well may have helped a relative, friend, or neighbor in need with our efforts yesterday. We look forward to continuing our relationship with your fine company in the future. Thank You again, the employees at Chambersburg UPS

August 2011. Hazards Group of 18, Year 14

Another great outing at PennNational. The courses were in fantastic shape, and weather superb (after a scary start on Tuesday)!. As usual the staff was their friendly and helpful best.
Continues to be one of our favorite stops on our golfing trail.

July 2011. LA Open Group of 8, Yr 8

Once again, our experience at Penn National was exemplary.  Everything went off without any hassle and the staff continues to be extraordinary.  The amazing thing was that given the extreme heat, the air conditioning in the rooms was, believe it or not, too cold.  That is a compliment, not a complaint. Thanks again for helping us achieve another enjoyable LA Open.

July 2011 Cooper Group of 6, Year 20

We had a wonderful time there this weekend and really noticed some of the upgrades you and your staff have initiated. The food was much better and the installation of wi-fi in the rooms was very helpful. We have already booked for next year. If you ever need a testimonial or someone to appear in an add  remember my name. I love Penn national.   Ken

July 2011 Ragussa Group of 17, Year 12

I just wanted to let you know our group had another great time at Penn National this year.  The golf courses were in excellent condition, the staff was great as always, and the quality of the food was definitely much better this year.  A big improvement.  Even the weather was near perfect! Thanks for all your help with our reservations.  You can pencil us in again for next year.

July 2011 Kroll Group of 2, Year 1

Hi Craig, Just wanted to let you know that my brother and I had a great time at Penn National this past weekend. Both of us are quite sore after playing 36 holes each day for the past few days, but well worth it. All the staff at the clubhouse, pro shop and on the golf course were incredibly friendly and made us feel welcomed. I can understand now why my Dad had enjoyed playing here several years ago. This was our tribute to him passing on his 5 year anniversary this November and my brother and I truly enjoyed the time spent here.

June 2011. Hart Group of 21, Year 9

Hey there, everything was fantastic as usual...the staff, the pro-shop and all people involved were incredible. Thank you for a great stay once again, great experience!

June 2011. Goldstein Group of 24, Year 4

Craig, Just got home from our best trip yet!.  Everything was splendid; from the rooms to the courses to the food.  Everyone noted that the menu was better - the wait staff worked their butts off and the courses were in great shape!  Please pass along our thanks to all.

May 2011.  Rosenstrach Group of 12, Year 2

On behalf of the 12 of us, I just wanted to tell you, and this could be habit forming, that Penn National lived up to its reputation and that we couldn't be happier being with you again this year. Last year was great and this year you guys equaled, and some cases, exceeded last year's performance.  The people are great, the accommodations are super, the food good, and the courses exceptional... although for me anyway, there are hardly enough birdies to go around and I must have been late when they were given out.  Thanks for everything and we look forward to our next trip to Penn National

May 2011. Counts Group of 6, Year 6

Craig: Thanks again for your help in putting together another memorable trip to Penn National. It was nice to finally meet you in person. With the exception some pretty sensational thunder storms, the weather was terrific. The course conditions and food were excellent and, as always, everyone treated us very well. We all had a great time. See you next time!

May 2011. Raven Group of 16, Year 7

Craig, On behalf of all the golfers in the Raven group let me extend my thanks to all those at PN who made last weekend such a great success.   Golf was great, food was great, rooms were great and the folks at PN always seem to go out of their way to make the guests as welcome and comfortable as possible.   Pls tell all those concerned what a great job they did!! Please sign us up for the same weekend next year.   I can't wait.  Only 51 weeks to go!

May 2011. Kirschner Group of 18, Year 12

Craig, Finally getting settled after the outing. Everything was great including the weather. The guys were especially happy with the food and food service. Please pass that on the Bill and the Restaurant staff. I was kidding Dave about the missing hole number signs on Founders.  We hired a third grade school class to paint signs. Here is a sample. Please cut out and give to Dave. You have to have a sense of humor if you play like I did. The courses were in the best condition we have ever seen. See you next year. And hope to have more healthier guys.

May 2011, Rainbow Group, Year 1

I just wanted to thank you with all of your assistance in setting up our recent, albeit short, visit to Penn National!  What a beautiful place!  The courses were in great condition, and the food was great. Now I am going to try to work on a few of my golfing partners to come down for a few nights in mid to late June. I will keep in touch. Thanks again

April 2011, Livecchi group of 9 guys.  Year 1

Despite the rain, we had a wonderful time. The staff at the restaurant couldn't have been more helpful. The girls were terrific. The pro shop changed our rain day and just was terrific. Great people. My guys to a man raved about the food. First class all the way. We will be back. Thanks again for a wonderful time.

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